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Wasteland 3 Scorpitron 360 degree review
Scorpitron 2.0,
from the wasteland 3 collectors edition

What is a Scorpitron?

The Scorpitron 2.0 is a combat robot in the style of a scorpion, this is the enhanced and advanced version of the original Scorpitron.
The Scorpitron had a continuos tank-type track system, however, the Scorpitron 2.0 has 6 legs and is a walker which is capable of high speeds and greater mobility.

This 360 view is of the Wasteland 3 Scorpitron model.
This is part of the Wasteland 3 collectors edition.
Features of this Scorpitron are :

  • Mini Gun mounted on the tail
  • Flamethrower at the front
  • Standing on top of the ruins of a building
  • Metalic paint
  • Detailed robotic body, tail and legs
  • Heavy base with felt on the bottom


This Scorpitron is made of plastic with a matt finish, it has a detachable head and tail and was manufactured in 2020.
I gave this an overall score of 8 due to the detail and likeness to the game, the build quality and hand-painted finish.
The height of this statue is 8.75" (22.2cm) tall and is 8" (20.3cm) wide at the widest part of the base.
This statue has some great detail including tyres and plastic water bottles in the debris under the ruined building on which it stands, the Scorpitron has 3 lines on its back which represent vents and 6 circles in a triangular formation.
The robotic tail attaches by a magnet and is made up of 6 sections and features a detailed minigun at the top, representing the stringer, these do not move and are in a fixed position. The legs are attached by ball joints and have hinges and armour at the knee section which are at a 90-degree downward angle and the rest of the leg finish at a point embedded into the rubble, again these are in a fixed position and do not articulate.
Finally, the head attaches by a magnet and features a flame throwers at each side, the head includes detail of three circles in a vertical formation to represent its eyes, it also features what looks like a vent and a metallic cover

This statue does include the stand as it is fixed in place.

The quality of this statue is very good, great detail and paintwork, the thick paint on the base which covers the rubble makes it look like mud and with it being hand painted some strokes are present.

Additional Information :

  • Release Date : 2020
  • Franchise : Wasteland 3
  • Created By : InXile Games
  • Published By : Deep Silver
  • Manufactured in : China
  • Age Rating : 3 Years +.

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