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360 View of adult Faith and young Faith diorama from the Mirrors Edge Catalyst Collectors’ Edition
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Video Game Collectable

This is the adult Faith and young Faith diorama from the Mirrors Edge Catalyst Collectors’ Edition.
The statue was created for EA Games and Dice by Triforce, it stands 35.5cm tall and has an 11cm by 23.5cm base.


This diorama is made of plastic and has a matte finish on the figures and a gloss finish on the base. It comes in 1 solid part. It was manufactured in 2016.
I gave this an overall score of 8 due to its detailed representation of both young Faith and adult Faith.
The height of this statue is 14" (35.5cm) tall and the base is 4.3" (11cm) by 10.4” (25.5cm) wide.
The figures are attached to the base and the diorama is heavy as the base seems to be solid inside.
This collectable incorporates a high level of detail featuring both young and adult faith. Adult Faith is sitting with her right leg hanging over the edge of the stand and her left leg on the stand, she is resting her right hand on her left knee looking to her left at young Faith. She's wearing a black vest top and a black sleeveless jacket. A red and black shoulder-style bag. White 3/4 length trousers with black stripes on the thighs. Black support on her left elbow and a grapple device on her right wrist. Red sneakers. Red and black fingerless gloves. Her hair is styled as a bob and has a tattoo down her right arm. Young Faith is sitting with both legs on the stand with her toes slightly pointing towards each other, She has her right arm straight with her hand on the stand and her left arm resting on her knees. She is wearing a black blazer jacket and a white dress with white socks and black and red shoes. She has a digital wristwatch which says 5:24 on the clock face, she is looking down with a sad look on her face. The base is black and white and has a cracked glass wall separating them, on young Faith's side, the corner is cracked.

The quality of this statue is very good however its glossy stand does like to retain finger marks occurrence. The finished paintwork is excellent.

Additional Information :

  • Release Date : 2016
  • Franchise : Mirrors Edge
  • Created By : Dice
  • Manufactured in : China
  • Age Rating : Not for children.

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