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Video Game Collectable

This New World Steel Book is from the steel book edition from Amazon Game Studios.
The steel book is metallic gray with artwork on the front and the rear, the front features 3 characters from the game, one looks like a knight holding a sword in their left hand and a flaming torch in their right hand held just above their head, there is a character holding a pistol to the left of the knight and a character holding a bow to their right. The back has an image of the New World logo featuring 2 crossed axes and a diamond with the letters N & W, the spine features the words New World and 2 logos. This steel book is made from high-quality aluminum and has a plastic insert to hold a single DVD this insert is made by steelbook.com. Please note the edition I received seen to have a few marks in the upper left on the rear of the case. The quality of this Steelbook is excellent, the plastic DVD holder insert is of a good standard, the level of detail is excellent I gave this steel book score of 7 due to its build quality and level of artistic detail.