A 360 degree image of the Marvel Venomized Groot Funko Pop 511.
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Video Game Collectable

Venomized Groot Funko Pop
Funko Pop number 511 ,
from the Funko Pop Marvel collection

What is a Funko pop?

Funko pops are small vinyl statues that represent your favourite characters from your favourite movies, games and other popular franchises.
These Funko pop figures come in all different styles but are recognisable by their large oversized head and eyes, they are available with spring bobble heads or solid fixed head.

This 360 view is of Funko Pop #511, Venomized Groot.
This is part of the Marvel Funko Pop collection.
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This Funko pop is made of plastic with a gloss painted finish, it has a spring bobble head and was manufactured in 2019.
I gave this an overall score of 8 due to its detailed depiction of the combined characters of Venom and Groot and the detailed spiked leaves and bark effects.
The height of this Funko Pop is 4.8" (12.7cm) tall and the head is 4.1" (10.41cm) wide, The neck shroud is the main area which makes up most of the width however the stance takes the finger tip to finger tip length is 4" (10.1cm) .
This figure features a lot of detail on the head and the body, The head is purple and black with white eyes, sharp white teeth and a grey tongue sticking out. The head has a shroud which is made up of three grey spiked leaves . The body features detail of a black and purple tree style trunk featuring spikes and large roots for legs, the back has 4 spikes protruding from the spine withe small spikes on the elbows and small spikes on the back of the hands, The feet have three toes each which resemble roots spreading from the wide legs.

This figure does not need a stand as its stands up freely, there are no holes underneath so a stand can not be used.

The quality of this pop figure is very good, the plastic is of a good standard as to be expected from Funko, it is incredibly detailed and the paint finish is excellent.

Additional Information :

  • Release Date : 2019
  • Franchise : Marvel
  • Created By : Funko LLC
  • Manufactured in : China
  • Age Rating : 3 Years +

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