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Video Game Collectable

This FEAR 3 Steel Book is from the collector's edition.
The steel book is silver with artwork on the front and the rear, the front features a large embossed number 3 covered with an image of ALMAs eyes peering through a pool of blood along with the faces of the two male characters from the game. The back has an image of ALMA along with the F.3.A.R logo, the spine features the FEAR 3 logo, the outer case looks like the silver is scratched but this is just an effect printed onto the steel book. This steel book is made from high-quality aluminum and has a plastic inside to hold a single DVD. The quality of this Steelbook is excellent, the plastic DVD holder insert is of a good standard, the level of detail is excellent I gave this steel book score of 8 due to its build quality and level of artistic detail.