A 360 degree image of the Amiibo - Super Mario Bros Classic Color 30th Anniversary.
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Video Game Collectable

This is the Amiibo Super Mario Bros 30th Aniversary in classic colours
This Amiibo figure is of Mario and he is depicted in 8-bit form. Its colour is in red and brown and stands 9cm / 3.5" tall and 7cm / 2.75" wide. The base is made to represent the top of the classic pipe from super Mario brothers and he is jumping over it. The colour of the base is green and has the words 'SUPER MARIO BROS. 30th' printed on the front and Mario is suspended above it using clear plastic mount. This figure is made from high-quality plastic. The quality of this figure is excellent, the plastic feels like its rubber and can be moved slightly, the level of detail is 8-bit so looks blocky, I gave this figure a score of 9 due to its build quality and how good Mario looks in 8-bit form.