A 360 degree image of the
360° View of Eris Morn by Numbskull Designs part of the Destiny Series
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Video Game Collectable

This is the 360° View of Eris Morn from Destiny and Destiny 2
The statue was created for Bungie by Numbskull.


This figure is made of plastic and has a matte finish. It comes in 1 piece and the stand is attached. It was manufactured in 2021.
I gave this an overall score of 10, the level of detail on this statue is incredible.
This figure has no moveable parts.
This figure is an excellent representation of the characters from the game,
Eris is in full armou, She is wearing her hunter cape with her elmblem on the headress and on the back of the cape. Her eyes are covered by a blindfold and three eys glow underneath, her black tears run down her cheeks.
Her armour has spiked shoulders and a studded chest plate again featureing her logo,
her arms and forearms have a leather style armour and leather gloves, her dress in long and also studded.
Chains are worn around her head, neck, waist and left arm. She has her legs in wraps and her shins are covered with leather armour, and her shoes are black.
Sh is standing in a pose with her legs shoulder length apart with right arm by her side, her left arm is by her side bent at the elbow hold a flaming orb in front of her.
The stand resembles the surface of the moon and is encased in a plastic surround.

The quality of this figure is outstanding and its attention ti detail is amazing.

Additional Information :

  • Release Date : 2021
  • Franchise : Destiny
  • Created By : Bungie
  • Manufactured in : China
  • Age Rating : Adult.

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An 360° video view of this figure can be found below.