Is there a Street Fighter 4 Collectors Edition

Street Fighter IV Collectors Edition

The arcade fighting game by Capcom does have a collectors edition.

Here is a list of what comes in this collector's edition.

The Physical items are :

  • Street Fighter IV - The Ties That Bind Feature Length Anime Movie.
  • Mini Strategy Guide Comic/ Art book.
  • 2 Exclusive Figurines of Ryu and C.Viper in a fighting pose.

The Digital items are :

  • Brawler Alternative Character Costume Pack.

A 360° video of the Figurines is available below.

Additional Information :

  • Release Date: 01 December 2009
  • Developed by : Ubisoft
  • Published by : Ubisoft
  • Gameplay : Third-person action-adventure role-playing shooter game./li>

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