Is There A Marvel Avengers Collectors Edition

Marvel's Avengers will have a collectors edition.
It will be called Earth's Mightiest Edition!

Square Enix announced that Marvel's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Edition will be available on September 4th 2020. If you preorder you will get beta access. a Marvel legacy outfit pack and a nameplate. I have not pre ordered this, I will however have a full review when I get access to it.

Here is a list of what comes in the collector's edition or should I say Earth's Mightiest Edition.

The Physical items are :

  • The collector's edition box.
  • The deluxe edition of the Marvel Avengers game
  • A Black Widow belt buckle
  • Exclusive steelbook
  • Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor Keychain
  • Prototype blueprints for Iron Man's armour
  • A bobblehead of the Hulk which is 6" tall
  • A detailed 12" statue of Captain America, standing upright on a plinth with him stood posed on top of a rock with his helmet in his right hand and his left hand resting on his shield in front of him.
  • An honorary Avenger Pin
  • A 5x7 photo of the group on Avengers day.

However as you can see there is NO soundtrack or Artbook which is a shame.

The Digital items are :

  • 72 hour early access to Marvel Avengers (Only with pre order).
  • Beta Access to Marvel Avengers (Only with pre order).
  • Marvel legacy outfit pack (Only with pre order).
  • Nameplate (Only with pre order).
  • The obsidian outfit pack, 6 exclusive Marvel heroic outfits which are part of the deluxe edition.
  • 6 exclusive nameplates which are part of the deluxe edition.

If you have not watched the game trailer you can watch it below.

Additional Information :

  • PC Release Date : September 4th 2020
  • Console Release Date : September 4th 2020
  • Developed by : Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics
  • Published by : Square Enix
  • Gameplay : Third person, Action adventure.

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